Electro Drive Vibrating Feeder Unit

Matech vibrating feeders with electromagnetic drive are used for bin extraction and for conveying of bulk material. Especially favourable for dosing, applications include feeding of weigh bins, or weigh feeders, or steady and smooth feeding for downstream equipment. The vibrating feeders are manufactured in a welded design, driven by an Matech electromagnetic drive.


  • infinite variable feed rate with constant volume
  • automatic cut off of bin discharge at standstill
  • low electric power consumption
  • no electric losses
  • high feed rate
  • maintenance free – no rotating parts
  • minimized wear

Product Description

The Matech tubular vibrating feeders are used to draw out bulk materials or powders from silos from hoppers.
They are particularly advantageous in different dosing functions, such as: feeding of big-bags, weigh, conveyor belts, crushers, etc… They can be used in load preparation, or in continuous feeding
Options: machines hanged up or set on the floor, axial outlet tube, or tube fitted with several inputs, tubes of sheet steel resistant to wear, corrosion, acids


  • Complete sealing of the conveying tube
  • Dusty products can be conveyed (product with high percentage of fine dust).
  • Conveying under pressure or in vacuum conditions, in protected atmosphere
  • Regular capacity quantity that can be adjustable continuously by potentiometer
  • Capacity can be set or automatically controlled by the mean of a electronic
    regulation or by analog set point 4-20 mA or 0-10 V depending on various
  • Possibility to fit amplitude sensors.
    Low power consumption, no moving parts, so, no maintenance.