( Permanent Magnetic Version)
Magnetic Pulley operates as head pulleys on Belt Conveyors. These low cost, self-cleaning magnets remove tramp iron and purify materials conveyed in bulk forms. When material carried on a conveyor enters the magnetic field surrounding the Magnetic Pulley, pieces of ferrous metal in the material are attracted to the Belt. They are held magnetically against the Belt until carried to the underside of the Pulley, where the Belt takes them away from the magnetic field to be discharged. Non- magnetic material falls away from the Pulley in a normal trajectory. Separation is automatic


Product Description

The Pulleys are used to protect processing machinery from damaging tramp metal, eliminate ferrous contaminants from products, concentrate magnetic minerals in mining ores and remove steel from recyclable material. In many applications, it’s possible to replace an existing head Pulley with a Magnetic pulley, on a size to size basis.
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