We are counted amid the reputed Permanent Magnetic Separators and Concentrator Magnetic Separator Manufacturing & Suppliers. Permanent Magnetic Concentrator Separator is widely used for upgrading or concentrating material containing a very high percentage of magnetic or where magnetic/mechanical agitation is required for the separation of many difficult materials. Concentrator Magnetic Separator or Permanent Magnetic Separator is ideal for the upgrading of sponge iron/cast iron borings, steel/brass/aluminium turnings, chips and for mineral beneficiation applications such as the purification of dry ceramic and refractory materials, reclamation of abrasive grains, removal of iron contamination from chemical powders and PERMANENT MAGNETIC CONCENTRATOR grains and for many other such applications requiring maximum separation with a minimum product loss. The Concentrator Magnetic Separators can be purchased in various technical specifications from us


Product Description

Typical Applications

  • Upgrading the purity of sponge iron, cast iron borings, shot steel turning etc.
  • Removal of ferrous contamination from aluminium, brass, bronze turnings, boring, chips etc.
  • Reclamation of abrasive grains.
  • Purification of dry ceramic and refractory materials.
  • Iron removal from chemical powders and grains etc.

These permanent magnetic concentrator separators can be made available with different belt widths as well as meeting the slag and steel scrap handling. Made available in different functional capacities, the top conveyor belt also features strip present at regular intervals so as to achieve better mechanical grip of magnetic iron as well as of steel pieces.
These products are machined according to customers’ needs and requirements of customers following international quality guidelines for perfection of high capacity Permanent Magnetic Concentrator Separators. Our reliable, durable and the best performing products are available in the market at market leading prices


  • High performance range of Permanent Magnetic Concentrator Separators
  • Works as non-electric separator and is perfect for extraction of pure metal
  • Helps in efficiently separating tramp iron from non magnetic material
  • Allows quick bulk processing
  • Widely used in different industries for segregating iron


Permanent Magnetic Concentrator Separators is extensively used for –

  • Advancing/concentrating material that contains high percentage of magnetic or at places where agitation is needed magnetically for separation of difficult materials
  • Suitable for enhancing Steel/Brass Aluminium turnings, Sponge Iron/Cast Iron borings,