Designed to remove iron contaminated impurities from powders and granulates. The magnets, axially magnetised permanent magnet rings, are assembled into magnetic rods.
The magnets are insulated from the outside by a thin wall stainless steel cylinder. The rods are mounted on base plates in a staggered manner and the rotation of such a cage arrangement improves the flow through a pipe.
Cleaning is easily performed by retraction of the magnetic rods from the stainless steel casing. Used predominantly in the foodstuffs industry. You can see on the video the operation principle and easy cleaning of Cleanflow magnet with rotation magnetic bars, for avoiding metal pollution in your product. It is available also in a hygienic and hydro formed housing. It is especially used in the baby food and the dairy industry.


Product Description

Rotary grate has magnetic tubes in a circular arrangement held in place by

Working principle

The Cleanflow magnetic separators are built with very powerful neodymium magnetic bars. Because the bars are mounted in the middle of the free-fall pipeline, they are located in the centre of the product stream. This ensures that the product always passes very close to one or more magnets.
It is important to select a Cleanflow magnet housing that is one pipe size larger than the pipeline to maintain optimal product flow.

Application Ferromagnetic metal contaminants – such as pieces of iron, steel and stainless steel – can enter your process in two ways: via the incoming product, or as a result of wear in the production process.

Goudsmit Cleanflow magnetic separators filter metal contaminants as small as 30 microns from powders and granulates in free-fall pipes. Applications are found in the plastics, food products, pharmaceutical and ceramic