slisnension Mannet Suspension Magnets and over band Magnetic Separator are back bone of continuous process industry. The permanent Magnetic Suspension magnets are suspended over conveyor line and are used to remove iron impurities mixed with product moving with conveyor belt. it can be also used for any other material feeding system to avoid damage to the crushers, grinders and other material handling equipment. These magnets can be made in self-cleaning design if required(over band Magnetic Separator).


Product Description

Permanent Magnetic Version

These Magnets are usually mounted above Belt Conveyor with the purpose of extracting pieces of tramp iron from the material being transported. Ranges incorporating permanent or electro magnets are available, the type chosen for particular application being determined by feed burden, nature of tramp iron, environmental conditions and plant location. Models in standard range cater for conveyor widths up to 2200mm and operating height up to 700mm.

  • Ensures product purity
  • Recycles ferrous and non-ferrous scrap I Recovers materials
  • Recovers valuable minerals
  • Makes upgrading of magnetic materials
  • Removes iron contamination
  • Prevents damage to plant and protects valuable equipment investment magnetic equipment